Comedy Rules

In Comedy Rules, Lynn sheds light on how it's done with 150 rules covering such vexed topics as:

  • Inspiration, collaboration and the Seven Deadly Sins
  • The perils of unmotivated comic business
  • Sexist jokes, taboos and bad taste
  • Pitching screenplays in LA
  • Writing outside your experience
  • Avoiding lunch with the Inland Revenue

A host of hugely enjoyable examples drawn from Lynn's varied and successful career bring these rules to life. Along the way, we meet a cast of luminaries including Leonard Rossiter, John Landis, Nigel Hawthorne, Paul Eddington, Jack Rosenthal and Jonathan's long-time co-writer, Antony Jay.

As we travel in Lynn's genial company from early digs in Coventry to the Sushi bars of Hollywood, Comedy Rules offers an enlightening journey into the world of comedy and an indispensible companion to the elusive art of its creation.

'A terrific read, a masterclass in comedy. To anyone starting out, writing, performing, or producing, Comedy Rules! is a gem. It is also a very engaging memoir of such a productive, creative, and successful career. Finally, perhaps most importantly, it is absolutely hilarious. Terribly funny.'
- Robbie Coltrane

'Stayed up half the night reading it...loved it.
It's about WHAT I DO!'
- Steve Martin


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